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JSpider is:
  • A highly configurable and customizable Web Spider engine.
  • Developed under the LGPL Open Source license
  • In 100% pure Java
You can use it to :
  • Check your site for errors (internal server errors, ...)
  • Outgoing and/or internal link checking
  • Analyze your site structure (creating a sitemap, ...)
  • Download complete web sites
  • Any task you want, if you write a JSpider plugin.
Our latest versions are:
  • Stable release: N/A
  • Development release: jspider-0-5-0-dev
Want to get involved? We are currently searching for:
  • People who test JSpider on their sites to sumbit bug reports, feature requests, etc...
  • Java Developers who can fix bugs, submit patches, and implement new features.
Our project is hosted by SourceForge, you can find our project page here...

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